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Cheryl's Dark Shadows Website

Page Ten

Me with Kathryn Leigh Scott at the Dark Shadows Festival 2001. Great picture of her (and Craig Slocum), I was tired.

Me with Lara Parker at the Dark Shadows Festival 2001. Craig Slocum is on my T-shirt. I am also wearing a Memorial Tear, and a Diabetes Awareness Ribbon on my festival badge. That was in honor of him. Lara inquired about him. She didn't remember Craig Slocum.

Me with Marie Wallace at the Dark Shadows Festival 2001. She saw my shirt and said, "We were just talking about Craig Slocum the other day." She said he was a very nice man, and that she enjoyed working with him, and inquired of the pins I was wearing in his honor. She said it's nice that Craig Slocum has a fan like me.

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